The Story


What is the Snobb Mob?

Snobb Mob is an art collective with a purpose: to give back to the underprivileged while also pushing the needle of individuality forward, all in one handcrafted canvas.

A soul hanging in your living room or one you wear in the streets

Conceptualize our world as its seen through a child’s pure eyes - everyone is the same. We’re just varying bags of skin, flesh, bones, and a mysterious quivering soul - no more, no less.

The Snobb Universe is not concerned with what is in people’s bank accounts… Here, ART is the standard currency.

In the Snobb Universe, the soul is your most valuable asset.

This universe wipes its occupant's identities so they can become members of a movement that celebrates equality.

We seek to change the future for the better by giving people a means to contribute to equality while promoting their own individualism.


Why Join / Support?

A percentage of proceeds is directed towards a charity or foundation of YOUR choice when an official Snobb collection piece is purchased.

Make a difference by donating to a good cause; receive a personalized art piece in return.

In Mob We Trust.